Finding The Right Type Of Diabetic Shoes


People who suffer from Type 2 diabetes will invariably get problems in their feet. As per medical experts, the condition of poor blood circulation to the nerves in the feet causes a condition known as Neuropathy, which is nothing but a sort of numbness in the feet. Consulting the right podiatrist as well as the endocrinologist is always better. In most cases, these medical experts will recommend getting diabetic shoes that are made by reputed firms like Boot Bomb. After getting the right prescription, the patients need to visit a orthopedist who can design and make the right diabetic shoes according to the experts at

Patients who need some alterations in their shoes can always visit a podiatrist, who is a specialist in modifying shoes in accordance with the medical conditions of the feet of the patients. Patients can also buy these diabetic foot wears and shoes by online. Few insurance companies settle the claim when these shoes are prescribed by the registered medical practitioners in most countries.

What To Look For While Buying Diabetic Shoes?
Finding the right diabetic shoes is important for the diabetic patients. Some tips are here for those who are need of these diabetic shoes.
· One needs to buy the shoes which are light weight and allow the feet of the patients to move freely and breathe.
· Materials with high flexibility has to be chosen such as canvas, leather or suede
· The shoes should be good shock-absorber that will relieve the pressure at the bottom of the foot.
· It is always better to buy the shoes with the laces so that it is adjustable for any kind of swelling
· Ensure to pick a pair of shoes that have a solid back and offer additional support.

It is also vital to buy the diabetic shoes that fit well in accordance with the shape of the feet. Any irregular size may result in getting the blisters on the feet, which can cause more problem for these diabetic patients. Users can use the same socks that they usually wear in order to have a perfect fit.

What Type Of Shoes To Avoid?
Diabetic patients should avoid wearing few types of shoes which are listed below:
· Pointed shoes need to be avoided as it will restrict the blood circulation
· Do not use the shoes which do not have arch support which can generally cause damages to the tissues in the foot.
· Avoid shoes that do not fit properly. Any improper shoe can cause injury to feet.
· High-heels can occasionally be used and such shoes should be with round-toe style with a minor heel height below than two inches.

Precautions To Be Taken
Wearing the diabetic shoes is not enough for these patients. They need to ensure to check few things on a regular basis. Users need to check their feet every day to ensure there are no signs of sores, ulcers. Also, they need to trim the toenails to prevent any ingrown toenails. One should not use any razor on the feet. Doctors suggest that patients wash their feet with warm water regularly to improve blood circulation.

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