The Pros And Cons Of HRT – What You Must Know


A lot of doctors these days are advising hormone therapy to women who are undergoing or about to undergo menopause. Hormone therapy in Miami is advised by a lot of doctors as well. The thing is during and after menopause a lot of women experience a lot of mood swings as a result of the lack of estrogen and progesterone in their body. They experience hot flashes on a very regular basis. A lot of women also face the problem of vaginal dryness. At such times the replacement of the hormones like estrogen and progesterone can be of a lot of use to you.

So, hormonal therapy is very useful for making sure that the quality of the life that you have been leading does not deteriorate because of the lack of desired hormones in the optimum amount. There are some vital things that you will need to consider before you decide to go for hormone replacement therapy. The first of these factors is the timing of your menopause. This means that if the menopause occurs at the appropriate age then it will not be a very good idea to go for hormone replacement therapy because of the health related risks that it might pose. The probability of cancerous cell formation will increase in such a situation.

However, if the menopause has occurred at an early age, i.e., at forty or before it then hormone replacement therapy will not be a bad idea. In fact, in such a case the benefits of hormone replacement therapy will outweigh the probable losses to a very high extent. So, you should not hesitate much if you want to go for hormone replacement therapy if you feel that you have a need for it. The obvious thing here is that you will need to get the right medical advice from medical professionals who are qualified for the purpose. You must see to it that you get the hormone replacement therapy at the hands of the best doctor.

The next vital thing that you will need to consider is whether you or not your uterus has been removed. If it has been removed then you are relatively risk-free because of the fact that it is the uterus which is the most prone to the possibility of cancer cell formations upon the replacement of hormones. In case the hormone replacement is to be done for estrogen as well as progesterone then the risk of cancer cells formation in the uterus is even greater. So, it will be a good thing if you get your uterus removed by a surgical procedure before you go for the hormone replacement therapy using progesterone as well as estrogen.

You must also know that most of the doctors administer lower doses of estrogen in case they try and go for progesterone replacement as well. In the case of women who have had their uterus removed this is even more so. The basic thing is that you must take a very well informed decision and should do it as per the advice that your doctor gives you. Information and awareness are vital to your overall health.

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